Kala Azar linked with a new virus

Researchers have found evidence of an unknown virus that may be responsible for the persistence of Kala-azar or Visceral leishmaniasis. Though it is early to link the virus with this parasitic infection but its discovery would give way for a new kind of treatment regime and may help in eradication of the disease.

Also a group of scientists from West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh in India, said that another parasite may be involved. Another parasite called Leptomonas seymouri may also be present, according to Subhajit Biswas, one of the scientists involved in the study.

The researchers inferred this after they found the L seymouri and a virus called Lepsey NLV1 within it in 20 of 22 biological samples of patients who had a residual L donovani infection. They reported their findings in an online version of the peer-reviewed Archives of Virology.

Source : THE HINDU dated 27 October 2017.