Watch what you eat

10 handy foods to boost immunity

Is there too much of “sniff sniff huchh huchh” in the air around you? Registered Dietitian Preethi Rahul gives a list of 10 handy foods that can help to boost your family’s immunity. Curd Being one of the most easily and commonly available probiotic, curd helps to improve gut function. Bifidobacterium lactis- the probiotic strain in yogurt, is known to stimulate the immune response. Cellular immunity declines as you age. Researchers in New

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Fruit Myths Busted!

Love eating fruits but are you wondering whether to eat them or not because of various things you hear about them? Consultant Registered Dietitian, Preethi Rahul gives you the fruity facts… Why do you need to eat fruits? Fruits contain perfect quantities of simple sugars, our fuel; water, the great cleanser and carrier of the body; vitamins and minerals, which the body needs for healthy maintenance; and fibre to provide bulk and prevent digestive

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