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Preventing the major cause of mortality; a real lacuna of the research

As per WHO health statistics, 63% of the global mortality was due to non-communicable diseases. Out of this 48% was due to cardiovascular diseases where 80% of these occurred in the low and middle income countries. Of the available 440 Cochrane reviews under the health topic of heart and circulation, only 27 were found to be related to heart disease prevention. Is it either the preventive research were not in full extent or they were neglected in

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Scientific evidence – Alternative / traditional treatments; a placebo effect.

Dr. Edzard Ernst is the world’s first professor of complementary medicine. After his 18 years in Peninsula Medical School, in south-west England, he decided to step down his post as professor. Dr Ernst and his research group have pioneered many studies of alternative medicine from Acupuncture and Ayurveda to Reiki channelling and herbal remedies. Alternative medicine is a big business around the world particularly in a country like India where

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APARTMENT SYNDROME – Is it prevalent in Software and BPO industry?

“Apartment syndrome” – wondering what?. How much of sunlight exposure have you had recently?. Apartment syndrome is nothing but Vitamin D deficiency caused out of inadequate exposure to sunlight which is the source of Vitamin D for our body. The resulting Vitamin D deficiency causes inadequate calcium deposition in the bones, leading to decrease in strength of the bones. So, what’s really causing this? Working long hours within office rooms

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