APARTMENT SYNDROME – Is it prevalent in Software and BPO industry?

“Apartment syndrome” – wondering what?.

How much of sunlight exposure have you had recently?.

Apartment syndrome is nothing but Vitamin D deficiency caused out of inadequate exposure to sunlight which is the source of Vitamin D for our body. The resulting Vitamin D deficiency causes inadequate calcium deposition in the bones, leading to decrease in strength of the bones.

So, what’s really causing this?

Working long hours within office rooms from morning to late evening, night shift works and sleep during the day, covering major part of our skin with clothing for various reasons makes us to be deprived of natural sunlight, thereby causing Vitamin D deficiency. Along with this, sedentary life style with no physical exercises has lead to increased incidence of weakness of bones.

How does it matter for children?

Vitamin D is much more essential for growing children, for their appropriate skeletal growth. Outdoor play activities should be encouraged among children, for adequate Vitamin D and thereby normal growth and development.

PGMED.COM is planning to conduct a study among the workers in Software and BPO industry who work for long hours in closed air-conditioned rooms, without exposure to natural sunlight.

Saving the skins, but losing the bones.

Exclusive interview of our special correspondent with

Dr.Sivaranjani D.A., DNB Consultant – Interventional Pain Management

Vitamin D -Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) is the form of the vitamin manufactured within the human body from sunlight. It is a very important vitamin as it helps in bone mineralization and also helps to boost the immune system.

Unfortunately, in spite of India being a tropical country with abundant sunlight, the number of people with vitamin D deficiency is very high.

Dr.R.Karthikeyan M.D (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

Consultant – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

At present, subclinical Vitamin D deficiency is much prevalent, even among young individuals. Mostly, they would present with generalized body pain with easy fatigue. Routine Screening for Vitamin D deficiency in the community is practically difficult, due to the cost factor. Therefore, it would be ideal to have a healthy life style – with balanced nutritious diet and physical exercises, for the prevention of Apartment syndrome due to Vitamin D deficiency.